0-4 months
-The child doesn’t get scared with noises.
-The child doesn’t calm down when hearing his/her mother’s voice.
-The child doesn’t momentarily stop his/her activity when hearing a noise or a conversation.
5-6 months
-The child doesn’t localize noises in the horizontal plane.
-The child doesn’t imitate noises on his/her own way and doesn’t babble.
7-12 months
-The child doesn’t recognize his/her name.
-The child doesn’t localize noises correctly in any plane.
-The child doesn’t understand simple expressions, such as HELLO, BYE.
13-15 months
-The child doesn’t point out what he/she’s asking for, whether it is related to objects or familiar people.
16-18 months
-The child can’t follow simple directions without aiding gestures.
-The child communicates only with gestures and few sounds.
19-24 months
-The child has an unintelligible language.
-The child doesn’t point out his/her body parts, as indicated.
-The child doesn’t use words to communicate.